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Recently I’ve had some massive upheaval in my life, and I’ve decided that instead of just doing little projects to keep myself busy and in practice, I am going to actually try to finish and publish something. I think it will be a pen and paper RPG rather than a video game. In other news, […]

Or in this case, I should say “Arrr!” The last few weeks I’ve been on again, off again, sick as hell. I haven’t had time to catch up to my schoolwork, let alone work on my own games. However, I’ve spent the last year or so working on a set of pen and paper RPGs, […]

I’ve been a bit busy lately so I haven’t been able to do much other than finish the little Space Invaders demo up. So here it is. This one has three different kinds of ship to play as.

Simple touchscreen control test

January 26th, 2011

For this first month, since I’m using a language that I’m not well versed in at all, I decided to start simple. Back to the basics. With a simple game to do a simple test to play with the idea of touchscreen controls. Obviously this one uses the mouse, since it’s the PC version. But the idea is there. Hover the mouse over the little control bar at the bottom to move around, click on it to send the next wave of enemies in.

I have decided to challenge myself. Starting on New Year’s day, I am going to start working on one game a month. I will have something to post on the first of every month. That may not be a finished game, but it will at least be a demo or working concept.

I have officially retitled it Break Invaders: The First Invasion. It has been turned from a simple no-options, no-frills arcade style game into an arcade style game with at least the most basic of options. Music and sound can be turned on and off. The game can be paused. The graphics and levels have been […]

Still working on adding features to Break Invaders. Music and sound can be turned on and off, I’ll probably add a .ini file to make it so that it remembers the settings when it closes. Made a pause/menu screen. The game is pretty much good to go. Going to email steam again about distribution, since […]

I’m still fixing various bugs, mostly relating to the physics in the asteroid levels. Fixed a MAJOR bug that would make the ship get stuck and die sometimes when it first respawned. I also managed to figure out how to rotate the asteroids fairly naturally, and I fixed a bug that would make it possible […]

I finally sat down and wrote out a list of all known bugs in the game so far, crossed off what I’ve fixed, noted what still needs fixing. Also been debating a new title, since I’m never going to try and sell the original Break Invaders, it’ll remain a free download. So far my main […]

Thanks to some feedback I’ve gotten already, I’m making a few fixes to Break Invaders 2. One is that occasionally it would glitch up during the intro if a button was pressed. Found the source of that error and fixed it. The other is a complaint I’ve heard before a few times, so I decided […]

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