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Or in this case, I should say “Arrr!”

The last few weeks I’ve been on again, off again, sick as hell. I haven’t had time to catch up to my schoolwork, let alone work on my own games.

However, I’ve spent the last year or so working on a set of pen and paper RPGs, using a few variants on one central system that I’ve called the Knucklebones¬© system. I’ve divided it into two versions, a ‘simple’ version, which has no levels and uses experience to buy skills and stats directly. The two games that I’ve made that use that version only have six stats and don’t have any additional quirks like the ‘feats’ in the D20 system. I’ve been working with a couple of other people on the ‘complex’ variant of the rules, which has more stats (one game has 15, the other has 12) and is level based rather than point buy and does have other quirks similar to the feats in the D20 system.

I’ve reached a point where both of the games using the simple version of the Knucklebones¬© system are playable, although only one has enough of a sourcebook written out for me to post it here. So, I’m posting the bare bones sourcebook to the first game I made with the simplified Knucklebones¬© system. Avast, and heave to!

Gallows and Glory version 0.5 – unfinished sourcebook

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