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I had forgotten that I recently managed to recover some old files that I thought had been lost. Among those were the original game files for my very first real game I’d ever made: Break Invaders. So I went in, made a few quick modifications to finish it off like I had intended to do back in 2004 when I’d first made it. The new version is uploaded in the games section. Not much different, but enough to make it more playable and more fun, I hope. Added in the ability to fire even before you get the laser powerup, I made it so that the laser powerup just does the same thing that the rapid-fire powerup does in the second game. And I made some of the levels that were full of the grey almost-unbreakable blocks less frustrating by adding in steel blocks that can be broken with a few hits. But I made some other levels a little harder by using those steel blocks as shields for the enemy to hide behind. I think I helped rebalance the game and I made it a lot more playable. Even if I start selling Break Invaders 2 (or 3 if I make it), I’ll still keep the original free to download.

And speaking of downloads, the game can be found here.

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