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Break Invaders 2

May 24th, 2008

Break Invaders 2

It is a dark time in the galaxy. Alien forces are sweeping through, one star system at a time. Their mission: total annihilation of any sentient beings that can oppose them. Piloting a new spacecraft, capable of firing both conventional weapons and a powerful energy ball, your mission is to destroy any enemy spacecraft as well as the building blocks they are using to create their bases.
The newest improvement to your vessel is one that will allow you to harness any enemy energy that might fall from destroyed building blocks. Your ship will be able to do different things with different kinds of energy.

The bright blue globes of energy help power your laser cannons and make them stronger.

The yellow globes with a red core multiply your energy ball into three seperate balls.

The plain yellow globes help your laser coolant system work better, giving you a more rapid rate of fire.

The turquoise globes reinforce your ship’s shields.

The green globes temporarily charge your energy ball with a kind of energy that makes it into what your fellow pilots refer to as a ‘shieldbreaker’. It will not bounce off of shields, instead it will stick to them and drain them of power very quickly.

The red globes temporarily charge your energy ball with destructive power. When your energy ball glows red, it can tear through almost anything that isn’t shielded. This is very handy when you need to take out the golden alloy blocks, or a particularly tough boss.

The purple globes give you extra lives. Hoard them well. When you run out, it’s all over. For all of us.

Ship controls are very simple. The left and right arrow keys move the ship, and the spacebar releases the energy ball. After the energy ball is released, the spacebar can be used to fire the laser cannons. Once you have collected at least one yellow globe, you can hold down the spacebar for automatic rapid fire. The more yellow globes you have, the faster you can fire. And the more blue globes you collect, the stronger your cannons will be.
Most blocks can be taken down with one hit by an energy ball, or three hits from a low-powered laser. However, there are some stronger alloy blocks that will be harder to destroy. Levels can be completed without destroying these, however. The important thing is to take down any enemies, and any regular building blocks.
Some areas will have built in shields. These can help protect you from enemy fire, however you will also be unable to fire upon your enemies. Some enemies may also be shielded. You will have to take down their shields before you can hit them. However, if you get a green energy globe, your energy ball will be able to drain enemy sheilds very fast. This can be quite an advantage at times, but be careful not to take out any shields you’re currently trying to hide behind.
There may be occasional enemies that are much larger or tougher than the average. Be careful with them, as they can be very dangerous.
Look out for gun turrets. The turrets can fire in any direction. Some turrets might be set on automatic, so they will fire randomly. Others will be manned, and will take aim at your ship.

Good luck, pilot. We’re all depending on you.

All graphics, music, and just about everything else in this program is copyright 2007 Hugh Sullivan and Stickman Limited Software.
GameMaker 7.0 by Mark Overmars
The first ten levels offered here are only a demo. This version is not to be sold in any way, shape or form. If you paid money for it, you were ripped off.

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Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Click here to download demo

Demo requirements:
Windows 95 or above
Decently fast computer

Filesize: 3.45mb zipped

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